Monday, July 11, 2016

A Very Belated Mini Book Review

I was looking through my posts today and found a few drafts of book reviews from last year. I wanted to share this one because I really enjoyed this book!
Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto
Rating: Really Good

This is Banana Yoshimoto's debut work, composed of two novellas that deal with the loss of loved ones. I have read two of her other works - Lizard, a short story collection, and N.P.,  a novel. In my opinion, this is the best translation of her work I have read; although, I didn't think the other translations were that good, not that I can compare them to the original Japanese text. I am very happy that I kept reading Yoshimoto's work. With Kitchen, I was finally able to immerse myself in Yoshimoto's quietness, poetry, and mystical air. I finally got it. This is my favorite work of hers that I have read.

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